What Experiences Have You Encountered?

Many of us have had experiences in or around our lives that have affected us directly or even someone close to us. What have you encountered in your past? The Dark Doorway would like to know!

Sick Sick Sick

If you have been waiting for E01, My apologies. I have been sick with a bad cold and have absolutely no (or at least at times, a comical) voice.

I am confident that I will be able to go live tomorrow. Also, if you have a personal story to tell. I would love to hear from you. You can tell me to keep your name anonymous, or if you prefer an alias, we can do that as well.

See you soon my paranormal fans!

The Dark Doorway Launch

The first podcast is tentatively scheduled for the 2nd week in April (4/14). I want this to be the podcast that you listen to late at night so you have to sleep with the light on. Wondering if you really heard those footsteps in the hall, knowing that no one else is in the house. It will have you second guessing that shadow that seems to resemble a strange figure in your dimly lit room at 3 AM and when you focus your gaze, it’s gone. I want to welcome everyone to step inside… the Dark Doorway.