Biological UFOs and Atmospheric Cryptids


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena has been a controversial topic of debate for decades. Traditional explanations for these sightings range from misidentified aircraft or the planet Venus to atmospheric anomalies and even the infamous “swamp gas” theory, an explanation first given for the Michigan UFO Sightings and then later regretted by the famous astrophysicist J. Allen Hynek. But a growing body of UAP theorists, have postulated another intriguing hypothesis: the existence of living or biological UFOs. This is a topic that opens the door to a new and possibly terrifying category of cryptid.


What exactly do we mean by biological UFO? According to some researchers and insiders, we could be talking about an engineered UFO that either holds a direct telepathic connection of control from its host or in other cases, this could simply be an animal unlike any we have ever known before. Something that spends its existence drifting lazily through the atmosphere carried aloft by currents of air and living invisible to the naked eye. In some instances, witnesses have even referred to them as “Sky Jellyfish” due to their Jellyfish-like appearance.


As an engineered UFO, it becomes a method of conveyance to its host. It may look like a machine but instead it may either be fully or partially biological and possess the capability to traverse spacetime with its host occupant(s) in full telepathic control while maintaining a symbiotic relationship.


As a fully autonomous biological entity, it may simply be drifting through the atmosphere. If so, what does it require to eat? Drink? Does it require sunshine like a plant, or does it consume “something else” like the alien entity in the Jordan Peel movie, “Nope”?


One of the big supporters of this theory was Trevor James Constable (a New Zealand native 1925 − 2016) who served 31 years in the U.S. merchant marines. He was a UFO writer who theorized about the presence of enormous amoeba-like animals inhabiting earth’s atmosphere which he backed up with a series of infra-red images taken in the California desert that depicted large curious entities in the skies above.


The notion of UFOs as living organisms suggests that these enigmatic aerial phenomena may be more than mere technological crafts. The proponents of this idea additionally propose that some UAPs could be intelligent life forms that exist in our atmosphere or even originate from other celestial bodies or dimensions. Just as Earth is teeming with diverse life forms, it is plausible that extraterrestrial but similar environments harbor biological entities that have evolved to navigate across dimensions or the known universe.


While tangible evidence of living UFOs has still yet to materialize, proponents of this theory point to various observations and encounters that suggest the possibility. One compelling aspect is the behavior and flight patterns reported by eyewitnesses. Some witnesses describe UAP exhibiting fluid, organic movements, displaying agility and maneuverability beyond the capabilities of conventional aircraft. Additionally, reports of UAPs displaying luminous or bioluminescent properties have been documented, suggesting the presence of unknown biological processes.


Another intriguing line of evidence comes from the study of alleged extraterrestrial materials recovered from UFO crash sites. Researchers have claimed that these materials contain bioengineered components or anomalous biological jelly-like substances that challenge our conventional understanding of technology.


Although these claims are controversial and require rigorous scientific scrutiny, they fuel speculation about the potential organic nature of some UAP.


If living UFOs were to exist, it would revolutionize our understanding of extraterrestrial life and the possibilities for interstellar travel. Instead of solely searching for radio signals or technologically advanced civilizations, we would need to expand our perspective to consider the existence of diverse and perhaps even intelligent biological entities that have mastered space travel (can anyone say Dune?).


As we continue to investigate UAP phenomena, the quest to unravel their true nature may uncover extraordinary discoveries that reshape our understanding of life and our place in the universe.