S01E05: Talking Ghost Tech with Greysen Schmitt


Show notes

It’s Halloween 2023 and we have a special guest for this episode. The great Greysen Schmitt of Paranormal Tech Support! In this episode I am also joined by Byron Doss of byrondoss.com and we listen to Greysen discuss his investigation adventures.

Sidenote: I was recording outside in my beautiful back yard and we had so much fun that it got dark outside before I could pull in a ring light which explains why I started dipping into shadow late in the episode. Happy Halloween  my Paranormal Friends! 🎃

Be sure to follow Greysen on Facebook for more information on his investigation hardware at this link!

If you are interested in tech you can find Byron Doss at ByronDoss.com

Mark Bolden

Podcast Host, Paranormal Researcher

Greysen Schmitt
Paranormal Engineer / Investigator

Byron Doss
Technology Blogger