The BEKs (Black Eyed Kids)


It’s late at night. You’re alone, teetering on the edge of falling asleep. All of your lights are off with just the TV on, trying to finish that one last episode of [insert your favorite show here] before drifting off to blissful sleep. That’s when you hear a knock at the door. Who could it be at this hour you ask yourself? You get up and walk angrily, yet cautiously to your door. As you open the door you are overcome by an almost primal sense of fear of whatever is on the other side. A fear that something is not quite right and yet you tell yourself to stop being silly and open the door anyway. Just a bit.


You lean forward and peer through the 3 inch opening and there they stand. Two children, maybe 10 or 13 each. “Can we come inside?” they ask. “Our parents are coming for us. Can we come inside and wait?” For a moment you almost feel sorry for them, but something is off. There is an almost mechanical, emotionless tone to their voices. Like they are rehearsing a script written for a “human”.

It’s at that moment that you notice it. Their eyes. They are black. Not just the pupils but everything. Even the sclera. You recoil in fear and slam the door shut.


As you slowly back up and peer out of the window, they are still on your step. They knock harder, insistently demanding that you open the door. That you let them in. Your breathing increases as you tremble in fear. “What the hell is going on?” you ask yourself. Suddenly, the knocking stops. You pull back the drapes and peer out into the front yard of the house and the area around the steps. Nothing. They are gone. It’s like they never existed. Were you dreaming? Did you imagine all of this? No. You were wide awake the entire time. You have just survived an encounter with the Black Eyed Kids.


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